IBM Sub-capacity ILMT Audit Report

IBM Sub-capacity ILMT Audit Report
When’s the last time you checked the availability and consistency of your ILMT Audit ReportsĀ #itamĀ tips

If you wish to avail of IBM sub-capacity licensing you need to have a ILMT Audit reports for the last 8 quarters on file. Otherwise you are at serious risk of being out of compliance.

IBM requirements on what qualifies for sub-capacity licensing are very clear (links below) you must have the audit reports to prove you are only using a sub set of processors, not all available.

The problem

Unfortunately there is frequently a disconnect between the team administrating ILMT (among many other systems they admin) and the SAM team responsible for ensuring compliance. So the ILMT audit reports are not run quarterly (monthly even better).  Or when the audit reports are run there are gaps that are not reported or acted upon.


  1. Ensure a scheduled task is set up in your Service Desk
  2. Have a checklist of tasks (work instructions) that must be followed each month/quarter when running the ILMT audit reports.
  3. Any gaps should be raised as incidents.
  4. Compare each months reports to the previous month to highlight trends
  5. Any incidents that are still not resolved should be escalated
  6. Have a sign off process to ensure someone takes responsibility

These simple checks done consistently will ensure your company remains compliant and there are no surprises


IBM FAQ on Sub -capacity licensing

Main IBM page on Sub-capacity licensing

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