IBM Licensing Newsletter September 2022

IBM Licensing Newsletter september

Thoughts on IBM licensing🤔

The rate of change  in organisations is amazing when compared to previous years.  Historically changes to the deployment of IBM products was very predictable.  An upgrade every 18 months at most.  That is changing with digital transformation and the impact to licensing is significant.
The problem I’m seeing over and over again is that digital transformation projects are not modelling out the impact of the changes on license costs in advance.  They are “surprise” when a license baseline, done after the changes have been made, returns a large unbudgeted license bill.
As sure as night follows day, a significant change to your IT infrastructure will generate a license compliance risk for your IBM products.

📢News and IBM Announcements

What I’ve been reading, listening or watching 📚 🎧📺

I encourage you to use the hashtag #ibmlicensing when you find a post  this audience might be interested in so it can be found more easily.

Writing 📝

There were some interesting question on the Group this month relating to UVU licensing and moving to public cloud (links below).  When ever I’m asked a question I try to reply with a general post on the topic also.  If one person asks I assume there are many more who’d be interested
I haven’t a post on my blog this month.  A new project supporting a client in IT Compliance (SOx) has taken most of my extra time.  Lots of new stuff to learn.  A different perspective, in this case internal audit, is great for generating ideas and understanding what other teams need from a SAM professional.  So make the time to chat to your colleagues in other areas of the business.
Is there anything you’d like to hear about from the world of IBM licensing?  Leave a comment or email me at

Events / Webinars 🎬📅

A little lean this month but here’s a few webinars I found interesting:
  • I found an series of webinars from License Works presented by Camelia Balan, IBM license expert from NZ.  Easy access and no email wall.
  • Webinar recording on the SAM Beast YouTube channel on the changes by IBM to licensing PVU to VPC.  Make sure the ILMT admins watch this one also.
  • It’s not IBM licensing but may still interest some.  ITAMOrg, of which I’m a Chapter Lead in Ireland, are running a webinar Escaping the Oracle Eco-System.

IBM Licensing Tips 💡

  • Make your quarterly upgrade of ILMT a BAU task.   Take the time to document and get the approvals in advance for the year.
You need to plan to upgrade ILMT every quarter.  There are simply too many changes occurring to ILMT, licensing rules, supported platforms and technologies.  Gone are the days you could leave it for 12 months and you

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