IBM Licensing Newsletter October 2022

IBM Licensing Newsletter October 2022

Thoughts on IBM licensing🤔📝

I had the opportunity to work with an internal audit and compliance team recently for a large organisation.  The focus was on IT compliance in particularly SOx compliance.  I urge you if you get the chance to have a chat with the IT Compliance teams in your organisations. You’ll learn from their perspective on IT risk and how they manage it.  They will also be one of the stakeholders when you get a license audit.
One of the tools they use is a Risk and Control Matrix or RACM and I thought it had application to license management.
A RACM is a tool (usually excel) that can help an organization identify, rank, and implement control measures to mitigate risks. It is frequently used by the internal audit and SOx team but is equally useful in the management of enterprise licensing.
Going through the exercise of developing an RACM for big vendors like IBM can be very useful especially when you want to build the business case to get more resources.  You are doing more than just identifying the risk.  You also declare what control you are going to put in place to manage the risk, the frequency of the checks and the evidence that checks were done.
You need to always be looking to improve your game, what ever your focus.  Seeing what other successful teams are doing and using is a great way to achieve this.
I’d love to hear your thought and questions related to IBM licensing.  Leave a comment below or email me at

📢News and IBM Announcements

  • Who moved my IBM License Information?  😵🤨🥴 You are not crazy IBM have a new license information site.  I’m still trying to find my way around the new portal.  You can still get to the old IBM LI  portal.
  • IBM have recently updated the page on IBM partial renewals. Clients have historically been bothered by the all-or-nothing wording in clause 3.8 of the IPLA but there is now renewed focus on this. Clients are being asked to provide “compliance verification information” to the IBM S&S renewal team.
  • HCL have announced the release of BigFix Inventory  Most of you reading this will rely on the BFI module of BigFix as the source of deployment information for your organisation so this release should be looked at closely.  You need to keep BFI up to date, not older than 2 versions.
  • Congratulations to FisherITS 🥂 on their recent acquisitions by AnglePoint 💲

What I’ve been reading, listening or watching 📚 🎧📺

  • This may have passed you by, I know I missed it first time,   NIS / EU direct tice on critical assets.  This will renew the focus on ITAM and the quality of organisation CMDBs.
  • Good post from Niall Eddery on IBM  replacing the License Information Search engine.  He’s not impressed 😒.
  • Checking out IBM Communities 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 recently.  There’s a lot of content.  A search  combination of product name and “licensing” is a good start.  Here’s what showed up when I searched for  ITAM
  • Another cast from the Two Irish Guys discussing software.  ☘️ Focus this month on IBM mainframe.  Spoiler alert, mainframe is not dead☠️.
  • The team at ITAM Forum has started a new discussion forum that includes a topic/threat on IBM licensing.  A little quite at the moment but that should change in the coming months.
  • Listening 🎧 to Ryan Holidays latest book, Discipline is Destiny.  The audio is recorded by the author and excellent so far.
I encourage you to use the hashtag #ibmlicensing when you find a post  this audience might be interested in so it can be found more easily.

Events / Webinars 🎬📅

here’s a few webinars I found interesting:

IBM Licensing Tips 💡

Two this month
  • Don’t let the version of BigFix Inventory (BFI) fall behind by more than 6 months or you are at risk of compliance issues and false deployment numbers.  Schedule BFI upgrades in advance so there are not excuses
  • Considered developing a Risk and Control Matrix (RACM) for IBM licensing (or indeed any big vendor).  A simple tool but very effective at getting you thinking about how you manage risk.

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