IBM Licensing Newsletter November 2022

ibm licensing newsletter november

Thoughts on IBM licensing🤔📝

The big announcement this month was the 24% price increase in January for all IBM products.  A very significant increase by any measure.  When you include this with the elimination of RSVP discounts for most perpetual products you might want to revisit your estimates for new IBM licenses.
Before investing in expensive new IBM licenses consider the following :
  • Does our ELA allow us to substitute products and avoid new purchases?
  • Can the project get by on a lower edition of the product?
  • Have we challenged the number of cores assigned to the server being licensed (big saving on PVUs)
  • For products with a range of user types (e.g. Cognos) could we free up licenses from legacy users?
  • Are there systems we can accelerate the decommissioning of to free up licenses?
  • Review the pricing options between PVU and other license metrics such as Authorised User
  • Challenge your IBM account manager on new pricing
You won’t be able to avoid new license purchase forever but in the short term it’s worth the effort to try and get more value from your existing investment.
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📢News and IBM Announcements

What I’ve been reading, listening or watching 📚 🎧📺

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Events / Webinars 🎬📅

Here’s a few webinars/videos I found interesting.  This month I fell into a BigFix rabbit hole 🐰🕳️.
BigFix (Inventory module) is a critical part of managing IBM sub capacity licensing for many organisations.  So the more familiar you are with this tool the more opportunities you’ll find to reduce license costs
You can find more information on BigFix and BFI at and the ILMT tool.

IBM Licensing Tips 💡

  • When modelling the cost of your IBM ELA renewal be sure to offset the NPV of money (7-10% now) against discounts quoted by  IBM.

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