IBM Licensing Newsletter May 2022

IBM Licensing Newsletter for June 2022


Welcome to this, the first “round up” of what I found interesting in the world of IBM Licensing. I’m still figuring out the format so your suggestions are welcome in the comments below.

📢 IBM Licensing News and Announcements

After seeing the announcement from IBM that manual updates of the software catalogue in ILMT are not longer supported I decided to dig deeper. This is going to be an extra pain for already over worked license managers.

This post, Changes to ILMT have just made IBM sub-capacity licensing more complex will explain more.

The bottom line, you need to develop a repeatable process to make it easy to upgrade ILMT quarterly.

It’s audit season again! The perennial IBM audit letters 💌 for the 2nd half of the year have started to come out. You are especially at risk if your IBM ELA is due for renewal in December. You don’t want to be going into an ELA negotiation with a huge compliance risk hanging over you.

IBM have refreshed their Software Licensing and Compliance pages 🎓. It’s a significant improvement on the old pages and worth a visit to refresh your knowledge. I still wish they’d put all the licensing policies in one listing instead of the pages scattered all over the website, maybe in the upgrade.

🌐What I’ve been reading or listening too


Couple of posts from me that you certainly should read 😁

📅 Events / Webinars 🎬

  • ITAM Review Wisdom EMEA is coming in June 15 & 16th to Twickenham Stadium, London. There is usually a couple of sessions on IBM licensing. It’s still a good event to meet other ITAM professionals and catch up.
  • Origina’s EMPOWER 2022 virtual conference has been announced for 23rd of June 2022. As you’d expect from an seller of IBM 3rd party support there will be lots of content on IBM licensing and it’s free so it’s worth at least registering for.
  • My old friend Koen Dingjan will be running a webinar on preparing for an IBM audit. I recommend registering for the live event so you can “ask a question for a friend” who might be worried about their compliance 😳

📖Other Resources on IBM Licensing

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