IBM Licensing Newsletter June 2022

IBM Licensing Newsletter for June 2022

👨 💻What I’ve been doing

Among the projects this month was a new client establish their IBM license baseline. Although it’s a well defined process there’s frequently something that will make it challenging. In this case the “something” was upgrading ILMT after a troubled initial install.

If you ever have problems with your install or upgrade of BigFix / ILMT be sure to open a PMR with IBM and keep a note of it in your own service desk tool. It may explain a compliance gap in the future but without the PMR it will be more difficult to explain to an auditor

📢News and IBM Announcements

If you have any articles related to IBM licensing please send me a link. Age doesn’t matter if the content is good

🌐 What I’ve been reading or listening too

📝 Writing

I have been revamping the website and blog. Getting my subscriber list s/w working proved more challenging that expected. The “starter” package turned out to be too limited so I have to upgrade to “professional”, that’s SaaS for you. There may still be some kinks but I’m going live this month no matter what 😨.

📅 Events / Webinars 🎬

💡IBM Licensing Tips

  • IBM have an excellent IBM Software Licensing portal that is worth reviewing. I’d also check out the News section each quarter (add to checklist) to see what’s changed in case it impacts your organization.

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