IBM Licensing Newsletter July 2022

ibm licensing newsletter July 2022

👨‍💻What I’ve been doing

Wrapped up another license review this month.  There were a few minor compliance issues but as this was an internal audit they will have the time and flexibility to remediate the issues.
The client had come to us asking to get the license review done.  Being proactive made everything about the license review project easier.
  • They scheduled it so resources were not under pressure.
  • The 3rd party support teams were prepared.
  • The project costs were in the budgeted.
  • Issues that arose were quickly resolved.
  • The result was a quickly delivered project, in budget and on time.
If your organisation does not already have an annual IBM license review scheduled as part of their IBM license management plan I urge you to make the business case. Your organisations will not regret it.

📢News and IBM Announcements

(If you have any articles related to IBM licensing please send me a link.  Age doesn’t matter if the content is good)

🌐 What I’ve been reading, listening or watching

  • Interesting post from Niall Eddery Livingstons IBM licensing expert (there’s more than one of us 😉).  Another year of IBM: Predictions and how to build your IBM management plan.  Having even a simple IBM license management plan can be hugely beneficial to you and your organisation.  Laying out what must be done over the year and by whom.
  • The team over at Lodestar Solutions have updated their Cognos Blog.  Some useful content if you are an IBM Cognos user.
  • I’m back listening to This Week in Enterprise Tech (TWiET).  As ITAM professionals we need to keep current with IT trends in the enterprise and this show hits that spot.
  • I found an IBM Licensing Terms flashcard deck on Quizlet this month.  Great idea.  I have to admit there were a few terms in the deck I didn’t know.  If you want to find the full list in one place it’s on the OMTCO website.
  • This video from Network Chuck in conjunction with HCL BigFix was an interesting promotion.  In case you don’t know who Network Chuck is (I didn’t) he has 2.3 million followers on YouTube focused on DevOps, Sys Admins and Cyber Sec professionals.  I must admit it was a refreshing explanation of the benefits of BigFix.

📝 Writing

After some feedback from friends I’ve decided to renamed my blog to IBM Licensing Expert.  The objective will be to create content that will help subscribers become, you’ve guessed it, IBM licensing experts.
I’ve also created a sequence of IBM licensing tips, x10 and growing.  Subscribe here to get a weekly tip to your mail box.  It’s one click to unsubscribe if it’s not for you.  Promise to not get offended 😤

📅 Events / Webinars 🎬

💡IBM Licensing Tips

  • Does your organisation have an IBM License Management plan?  Even a simple one could help you reduce costs, compliance risks and demonstrate to leadership your proactive management of a value resource.

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