IBM Licensing Newsletter August 2022

ibm licensing newsletter august 2022

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It still surprises me when I see organisations paying IBM S&S for products they no longer have deployed or in some cases never used.   This is such a waste of money and easy to uncover.  Take the list of PVU/RVU products from passport advantage and compare to ILMT.  If it’s not showing in ILMT you have a potential saving to investigate.  Do this once a year, a few months before your S&S renewal and you have more to spend on products you actually use.

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Got a couple of interesting questions in this month (UVU and developer licensing) which I’ll have answers for very soon.
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A little lean this month but here’s a few webinars I found interesting:

IBM Licensing Tips

  • Got an IBM license audit question?  Start by reading the official IBM License FAQ.

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