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ibm licensing newsletter august 2022

IBM Licensing Newsletter August 2022

What I've been doing👨‍💻 It still surprises me when I see organisations paying IBM S&S...

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Legal notice from IBM with cancellation pending banner across it for impactIBM SS Cancellation Pending

10 Checks to make before you cancel IBM S&S and reduce your IT costs

“Can we reduce or cancel IBM S&S for this product? These 10 checks should give...

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10 Questions to ask your IBM ILMT Administrator – to ensure IBM license compliance

Overview If your company wants to take advantage of the significant cost reductions IBM sub-capacity...

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12 Checks to ILMT to ensure IBM license compliance

Got a monthly Run Book for ILMT sub-cap reporting? If not then you are probably...

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12 IBM Licensing Resources to help you manage your IBM risk and costs

Managing your IBM licensing costs and risks is hard enough without having to spend a...

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Defining the scope of an IBM License Audit

Introduction When an organization receives notice of an IBM audit the wording is generic.  This...

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Have you checked recently that all platforms in your network are supported by IBM ILMT

[click_to_tweet tweet="Have you checked recently that all platforms in your network are supported by IBM...

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IBM License Discounts and RSVP Levels Explained

Background To buy IBM licenses you will need to enrol in either the IBM Passport...

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IBM License for Development and Test Environment

“You always need an IBM license, including Development and Test” Introduction It is a common...

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