Author: Piaras


IBM Sub-capacity ILMT Audit Report

When's the last time you checked the availability and consistency of your ILMT Audit Reports #itam tips If you wish to avail of IBM sub-capacity licensing you need to have a ILMT Audit reports for the last 8 quarters on file. Otherwise...

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What is IBM Business Critical Service Upgrade and is it worth it?

What is IBM Business Critical Service Upgrade? IBM Business Critical Service Upgrades are options to extend your Base support (9x5) to Business Critical (24x7) and usually applies to an Appliance.  The main benefit is an upgrade from standard appliance support...

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What’s an IBM Flexible Contract Type (FCT) and why you should care

FCT mentioned anywhere in your IBM license entitlement? You need to dig deeper #itam tips Flexible Contract Type aka FCT is a special and typically older contract type used by IBM. As the name suggests it's flexible so when it is mentioned...

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