Want to get more from your investment in IBM licensing?

You’ve come to the right place. IBM License Expert, Piaras MacDonnell, will share with you some of the many tips he has collected to better manage the purchase, deployment, reporting and cancellation of IBM licensing

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  • "Fantastic resource for anyone trying to better manage their IBM licenses."

    Chris Morgan
    Founder of ITSX Assure
  • "These IBM license tips will save your company a fortune and probably make you a hero"

    Fredrik Filipsson
    Founder Redress Compliance
  • I love Piaras' tips on Twitter and LinkedIn, always practical, full of great advice and often really through-provoking about some of the 'greyer' areas of SAM and ITAM"

    Kylie Fowler
    Principle Consultant at ITAM Intelligence

About Piaras MacDonnell

IBM License Expert is the personal blog of Piaras MacDonnell.

Piaras is an internationally recognised expert in IBM licensing. He has delivered over 100 licensing projects including Audit Defenses, Enterprise License Agreement renewals, Compliance Health Checks and License optimisation. The projects have resulted in his clients savings millions of dollars.

His blog on IBM Licensing is one of the most popular licensing blogs online.

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